Caravan & Motorhome Damp Reports

Damp Ingress

One of the most serious problems with a caravan or motorhome is damp ingress. It sneaks in quietly through the smallest hole, spreading out as water is joined by more water. Generally unseen, as it runs between the boards of the wall, until the damage is all too obvious.

Caravan Construction, How They Become Damp

mortorhome and caravane damp repairs

The basic construction of a caravan is a box, which as it is towed along our roads is twisted, bounced and bumped at speeds up to 60mph. On top of this it is exposed to sun, frost and rain, expanding and contracting the joints daily. Is it any wonder then, that sometimes a gap may appear in the caravans main defence against water.

The Damp Check Procedure

A damp check is included in our standard service, this involves the use of a damp meter which gives a percentage of moisture reading for each area of the body. Moisture is naturally present in the wood materials used in a caravan, so average readings are normal, and changes in atmospheric conditions can effect the background readings.

Higher readings are cause for concern, but if detected early enough panels will not be damaged and can be easily rectified without the need for major repair. Removal of the corner moulding drying with heat and dehumidifiers and resealing may be all that’s necessary to disperse the moisture and ensure no further ingress.

Possible Outcome Of Long Term Damp

Should the problem have gone undetected for some time, the interior panel may be soft, swollen or even pimply, then more serious action needs to be taken. The damaged interior panel must be removed by scraping it from the insulation and wood frame. The furniture may have to be removed to allow access.

The Solution

Any damaged framing must be replaced. The new panel is cut to shape and glued into place with a high quality twin pack glue. The gluing is important as the rigidity of the wall depends on the sandwich of materials being well bonded together.

Finally the outside mouldings are removed, cleaned and replaced on a fresh base of sealant, to prevent a reoccurrence


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