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Why do I need to have my touring caravan/motorhome serviced?
Your leisure vehicle needs to be regularly serviced to ensure roadworthiness and the habitation areas need regular inspections to make sure there has been no deterioration. If your leisure vehicle is under warranty, it will require servicing within a stipulated time for that warranty to continue.
How often should I have my tourer/motorhome serviced?
Leisure vehicles should be serviced on an annual basis - even if a tourer or motorhome is used only a couple of times a year.  (Lack of use can cause its own problems.) If you intend to tour a great deal, especially in areas where the roads are not well surfaced, then it is worth considering more than one service per year.  Poor roads can adversely affect tyres, suspension, bodywork and fittings etc.
Which manufacturer's caravans can be serviced by Approved Workshops?
The AWS scheme is supported by all major manufacturers, so whether you have an Adria, Bailey, Coachman, Elddis, Lunar, Swift, Airstream or Dethleffs vehicle (or others) there will be an Approved Workshop near you able to service it.
How often should I get my tyres changed?
The Approved Workshop scheme recommends that you should have your tourer or motorhome tyres changed every seven years. This is in line with the British Tyre Manufacturers Association (BTMA) guidelines.
I have a motor mover, will it be covered under a routine AWS service?
While a workshop would be expected to perform a basic function and safety check (to highlight fundamental safety issues), motor movers and other optional items are not a standard element of the AWS specification caravan service. The same would be true of other optional fitments (e.g. air conditioning units). Checking/servicing/maintenance of such items may be included as an additional, chargeable service option - ask your workshop.
How long will the service take to complete?
A motorhome habitation service will usually take around three hours. A single axle tourer service will take around four hours, or a little longer for a twin axle tourer.
During the service, will the gas appliances in my tourer or motorhome also be serviced?
Gas appliances will be safety checked but not serviced as part of the basic service; you can ask for this to be carried out (at an extra cost). Please note some appliance manufacturers will not continue any warranty into the second or third year unless the appliance has been serviced annually - check with your appliance manufacturer.
How important is it to service a gas-fuelled appliance?
Carbon monoxide poisoning is a real danger - in the home and in a leisure vehicle.  So owners should have their motorhome or tourer's gas appliances serviced annually by a competent gas engineer and should consider using an audible carbon monoxide alarm.
Can the service on my tourer/motorhome be carried out by a mobile workshop and still maintain my warranty?
All the major UK manufacturers support the Approved Workshop Scheme and servicing within the warranty period can be performed by any AWS member without this affecting the warranty.
Will the Approved Workshop be able to carry out warranty work?
Yes, provided that you have an agreement with your supplying dealer.
My supplying dealer does not have an Approved Workshop. Is this a problem?
The major UK manufacturers support the Approved Workshop Scheme. They are encouraging their dealer networks to become members of the Scheme. A supplying dealer needs a workshop to be able to carry out pre-delivery inspection and warranty work. All Approved Workshops have to meet the exacting standards of the manufacturers and particularly those of the scheme through the Code of Practice. It may be that your dealer has a formal agreement with another Approved Workshop to carry out servicing and repairs.
What is an EICR and why must I sign a disclaimer if I do not have one done?
The Electrical Safety Council recommends caravans should undergo periodic testing at least once every three years and the two consumer Clubs endorse this view – an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is issued following completion of the test.  Testing is not, however, compulsory.  Read why this test is important and why an AWS may ask you to sign a disclaimer if you decline one.
Is bulb replacement covered on a service?
Yes, but depending on how easy the bulb is to replace, you may incur a small charge.
My supplying dealer has gone out of business, but my vehicle is still covered by warranty, what can I do to get warranty issues corrected?
Contact your tourer/motorhome manufacturer and they should be able to work together with another dealer to correct any warranty issues.
I have heard of an incident when the nearside wheels on a tourer came loose - how could this happen?
Wheels do not come loose under normal circumstances if tightened to the correct torque. It is recommended however that you always check the tightness of wheel nuts before every trip. If the wheels have been removed during a service (or for other reasons) the torque of the wheel nuts should be rechecked after 50 miles.
What does a service cover?
All Approved Workshops work to a specific check sheet for both Motorhomes and tourers, a copy of these can be downloaded below. Click here to download the motorhome habitation check sheet
How do I find my nearest approved workshop?
Click here to use our Find an Approved Workshop search.
What is an AWS? (approved workshop scheme)
Becoming an Approved Workshop has many benefits - click here to find out more.
Why should I use an approved workshop?
Approved Workshops are run by fully qualified tourer and motorhome servicing professionals, click here to find out other reasons why it is better to use an Approved Workshop.
What do I do if I am not satisfied with the service received?
Every workshop in the scheme has demonstrated a positive approach to customer complaints and has in place a clear and simple customer complaints procedure. However, in the unlikely event of a more serious complaint that is not resolved in this way, the Approved Workshop scheme operates an Informal Dispute Resolution Service (AWSIDRS), which is free to the consumer, to help resolve disputes.
Does the Scheme cover servicing of a motorhome base vehicle?
The Scheme only covers the habitation part of a motorhome due to the specialist knowledge and skills required to work on modern day motor vehicles. Some workshops offer a full service relating to both habitation and base vehicle, contact them directly to find out if they offer a base vehicle service.

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